Are you ruled by guilt, fear and shame instead of truly follow your desire?

Do you want to be seen and heard… also on an intimate level?
Do you want to be more daring, speaking what you want and take courageous actions? Do you want to attract, instead of letting your subconscious wounds repel what’s truly important in your life….
like love and money?

Girlfriend, no more would you like this to happen.
It’s time to create a new change for yourself, by joining this 30 Day Game where you once and for all will get to the bottom with the subconscious wounds that blocks you from getting what you want.

A 30 Day Writing To Heal Program
With Virtual Live Meeting Support
Facilitated By Maria Appelqvist, PdD

On the outside you might look successful, but deep inside you feel a void... 
and it's even difficult to talk about. 
You struggle in communication and feel that people are not getting you.
You feel alone, yes even if you are in a relationship you feel alone.

During the 30 Day Program, starting May 27 anding June 24, you will: 


  • Discover the subconscious programs that blocks your true power

  • Discover and uncover new desires

  • Learn how to communicate more successfully

  • Learn how to connect even when it feels difficult

  • Improve relationships

  • Learn what it takes to cultivate a thriving intimate life

  • Be more playful, have more fun and flow in your life

  • Learn how to create from ease and flow

  • Feel that you are the creator of your relationships

  • Feel more energized

"Today, many of my previous fears have disappeared. "

"But now I know the difference it has created in my life. I feel that I have come closer to my unique potential. I have explored my fears step by step. I have been able to expand my knowledge and understanding. 

Maria is an excellent teacher and coach who shines lights on new aspects of how to perceive intimacy and life. Today, many of my previous fears have disappeared. Although, 30 Days is not only about discerning inner fears and shadows, it is first and formost - how to enjoy your sensuality and life?

What do you need in order to have the courage to bring it out into action?
I have to say that 30 Days has helped me change as a person. Today I have my dream job. I earn much more money compared to when I started working with Maria.

Even more importantly, as a woman in leadership I impact many peoples life. Today I can say that I have the courage  to live my potenial and to be daring in my "professional" interactions. I can now enjoy meeting people in a completely new way. It comes from the feminine part in me that is playful. That gives such an incredible vitality and energy.

The evidence of my personal development comes  from collegues and others in my environment. This program helps make you feel seen and heard in a process where you are acknowledged for who you are and what you represent in your core essence. That in itself is an amazing process that heals from inside out. It's outstanding to experience the power of what it means to be seen, and Maria is great in facilitating this process." 


"I've replaced guilt and shame towards pleasure and self-love"

"Maria has helped me to find and understand the meaning and the power of feminine energy. She has helped me to replace guilt and shame towards pleasure and self-love. My husband and I (after being together for soon 30 years), are so grateful for the deepening we find in the relationship as a result of my transformation. Today we can talk about and consciously explore our sexuality and take it to the next level. "


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Location: Wherever you are! Zoom gatherings will be accessible by phone or via your computer.
Listening: Audio replays will be available
Cost: $325


Using Writing & Self-Reflection As A Guide For Re-Claiming Your Sexual Power

Four LIVE Zoom meetings with informations sharing, meditation and community sharing.
The calls will be recorded and available to everyone who is registered for the 30 days

Week One: Discover 
Week Two: Listening 
Week Three: Exploring 
Week Four: Manifestation

About Maria Appelqvist, PhD, CPCC

Maria is a Professional Coach, International Speaker, Relationship Expert, Podcast Host and Entreprenour. She lives in Sweden and represents the leading edge of personal transformation. She brought professional coaching to Sweden as one of the founders of the National Chapter of International Coach Federation. She was a pioneer in Europe as the first Certifed Slow Sex Coach and Advanced Orgasmic Meditation Trainer, educated by OneTaste - a global movement spreading the Art and Practice of Female Orgasm. Since then she have continued her journey into the exploration of conscious sexuality.  During the years Maria has worked with thousens of coaching clients, helping them find and be aligned with their life purpose, claiming sexual power and  as a result make more money. 

Listen to Maria in The Empowered Living Show where she talks about the importance to reclaim your sensuality in order for creating income breakthroughs . Get her latest book Conscious Love: Soulful and Intimate Connection  and follow her blogging as Sexpert on Your Tango.

"I'm open to love again."

"Working with Maria has made me open up for love again. Maria has a brilliant gift to see through my bullshit and really see me. She is fearless and that rubs off on me so I easily let go of fears and live a more fulfilled life. "

Anna -

Are You Ready To Re-Claim Your Sexual Power? 

Price $297 (Value $997)